phoneCall now to set up tutoring: (877) 638-0707
phoneCall now to set up tutoring: (877) 638-0707

Small Group Test Prep

Whether it be the SAT, ACT, ISEE, or even GRE, Victory Step Education is ready and able to tutor any student! Besides one-on-one tutoring and traditional classrooms, we offer small group tutoring for 2-3 students. Call us at (877) 638-0707 to sign up!

Small Group Pricing - per student
18 Hours 36 Hours 50 Hours 80 Hours
$999 $1899 $2399 $3600
$56/hr $53/hr $48/hr $45/hr
Avg. Increase: 160/2.1 Avg. Increase: 240/3.0 Avg. Increase: 340/4.4 Avg. Increase: 510/6.4

Small Group Tutoring Programs

The purpose of learning in a small group is having a sense of comradery, efficiency, and cooperation. Taking a class might feel too structured for some students while one-on-one tutoring may be a bit too freeform. Small groups are the perfect marriage of the pros of both ends of the learning environment spectrum. Our instructors focus on individuals as well as the group, listening to feedback from the students while applying them to the improvement of all their scores and skills. The students will help each other out along the way while also staying focused on their instructor's lessons. Small Group Tutoring has the personal nature of one-on-one tutoring while keeping the feedback structure of a classroom!

Our Report Card

A+ Convenient and Affordable

“It's great having the tutoring sessions at our home vs. spending an hour driving to and from other tutoring services we looked into. I shopped around quite a bit before selecting Victory Step and their fees beat the competition by a long shot.”
- Denise R. (parent)

A+ Return of Investment

“Alex improved his score by 3 points. Alex is a serious student, and by improving his score, he was awarded a scholarship at the University of Arkansas, and accepted into their Engineering Program. He was also accepted at the SMU Engineering Program.”
- Van M. (parent)

A+ Student Recommendation

“I like that with the private tutoring, the teacher can really get a feel for what you specifically need help with. After doing these sessions of tutoring I feel extremely confident in taking my ACT test on ACTurday! I highly recommend private tutoring!”
- Marissa T. (student)

Transferable Hours

Didn’t use up all of your purchased hours?
No worries. You can use the remaining hours in several of the following forms:

  • ⇒ Academic Tutoring
  • ⇒ College Admissions Counseling
  • ⇒ Personalized College and Scholarship Search
  • ⇒ College Interview Preparation
  • ⇒ College Essay Assistance
  • ⇒ Tutoring for Another Family Member

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