Brittany K

TCU – Mechanical Engineering & Physics

High School Math: Alg1, Alg2, Geom, Trig, Precal, Calc, Statistics
High School Science: CompSci/Programming, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology
High School AP Science: AP Chem, AP Physics, AP Psychology
High School Humanities: EngLang, EngLit, US Hist, Government, Sociology
High School AP Humanities: AP EngLang, AP EngLit, AP US Hist, AP US Gov, AP Macroeconomics
Test Prep: SAT, ACT, SAT-SUBJ-Math1, SAT-SUBJ-Math2, SAT-SUBJ-Chem, SAT-SUBJ-Phys
College advising
College Math: College algebra, Statistics, Calc1, Calc2, Differential Equations
College Science: Gen Chem, Phys1, Phys2, Phys3, Mechanics, Statics, Intro Engin Design, Circuits1, Circuits2, Solid Mech, Material Sci, Dynamics, Geology

About the Instructor
I am an upperclassman Mechanical Engineering and Physics major at TCU, with research interests in Semiconductor Materials and Plasma Physics. I have a passion for STEM education. I have participated in multiple research opportunities on campus--from cancer drug manufacturing research with an esteemed Welch Chair to industry-contracted materials research for Lockheed Martin. In Spring 2013, I won the Engineering Department award at the Student Research Symposium for my work in Rapid Prototyping Materials Properties for Lockheed Martin, and soon after some of my chemistry research was published in ACS's research magazine. For the past year I have worked for a Dallas engineering firm as a Structural Designer.

I have been a private tutor for over 10 years, working in both one-on-one and group tutoring, specializing in courses relating to Science, Math, Test-Prep, and Engineering. I also have much experience with and am very comfortable with tutoring those with learning and social disabilities.
I've heard people say that the best way to learn is to teach. I embrace this idea in my approach to tutoring, where I have the student walk me through what they understand, so together we can explore what they don't. This positive approach allows the student to see how much knowledge they actually already have at their disposal. It encourages the student and gives them the confidence they need approaching their coursework. My job is to give students the skills and tools necessary to be able to understand, analyze, and work through problems on their own.

Favorite Joke
An unsolved question in biophysics: Does a radioactive cat had 18 half-lives?

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