Whitney Holman

- Cornell University, B. S. in Industrial & Labor Relations v

- Test Prep (SAT, ACT)
- Algebra
- Geometry

About the Instructor
After graduating from Cornell I moved to Dallas as a Teach for America Corps Member. As a middle school math teacher, I saw the value the differentiated and small group instruction has when addressing different learning styles. During my two years as a classroom teacher, I gained experience using diverse strategies and tools to drive student achievement.
Since my initial move to Dallas, I’ve transitioned to a career in consulting (initially in education, now in the private sector). I joined Victory Step because, while I’m no longer with students on a daily basis, I am committed to helping students discover their full academic potential. Hobbies: Yoga, dessert-ing, traveling

Favorite Joke
A: Knock Knock B: Who’s there? A: Interrupting Cow B: Interrupting Cow Wh- A: Moo!!!

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