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Exam Class Description Length Start Date Day Price
ACT 17A10PBD1  Live Classroom Program  Preparation for October 28 ACT 9 Lectures, 4 Exams 09/28/2017 Tuesdays $499.00 $699.00
or 2 monthly payments of $275.00
ACT 17A12PBD1 Live Classroom Program Preparation for December 9 ACT 9 Lectures, 4 Exams 11/02/2017 Tuesdays $499.00 $699.00
or 2 monthly payments of $275.00
ACT 18A02PBD1 Live Classroom Program Preparation for February 10 ACT 9 Lectures, 4 Exams 01/10/2018 Mondays $499.00 $699.00
or 2 monthly payments of $275.00
ACT 18A04PBD1 Live Classroom Program Preparation for April 14 ACT   9 Lectures, 4 Exams 03/14/2018 Mondays $499.00 $699.00
or 2 monthly payments of $275.00

Online Courses

Exam Class Description Length Start Date Day Price
ACT 17A12OBD1 Online Classroom Program Preparation for December 9 ACT 9 Lectures, 4 Exams 11/02/2017 Tuesdays $399.00 $499.00
or 2 monthly payments of $199.50
ACT 18A02OCE1  Online Classroom Program  Preparation for February 10 ACT 6 Lectures, 2 Exams 01/10/2018 Tuesdays $399.00 $499.00
or 2 monthly payments of $224.50

Our Approach to Classroom Courses

Our ACT classroom test prep programs are designed with one thing in mind: our students and their high ACT score. This program is unique in several respects. Primarily, no other program can surpass the value that Victory Step brings to the table. Our classroom program includes several weeks of intense yet exciting study that take students through innovatively designed strategies to master fundamentals. There are hundreds of practice problems created with the aim of solidifying these concepts, 4+ real world, timed ACT practice tests that build endurance and confidence, and 34 hours of in-class preparation. Along with a College Board Study Guide book, students receive our curriculum, which is custom to our program; developed by our own master instructors, it is constantly being revised and updated to keep up with the industry standards. All of this is being offered at a fraction of what traditional cookie-cutter companies charge.

Amazing Value for all Classroom Programs

  • Up to 50% lower rates
  • Average Score Improvement: 4 points
  • Average ACT Class Size: 8 – 10 students
  • 34 Hours of In-Class Prep Time
  • 4 Practice ACT Tests to Build Endurance
  • Innovative study material designed by experts
  • Score improvement guarantee on the ACT
  • Taught by intelligent, fun instructors
  • 98th percentile instructors,
  • Flexible programs – repeat/make-up classes

Our Report Card

A+: Parent Approval

“Our son attended the Spring session class for the ACT and found it very helpful. He felt more prepared for the ACT and there were no unexpected surprises. He thinks by taking the practice exam several times he had a better grasp on his approach towards the ACT.

- Aleks H. (Parent)

A+: Dedicated Tutors

“Victory Step really helped me out, my instructor Kiran was great and really worked with everyone to make sure they were prepared for the ACT. My score improved tons and I feel much more confident on my college admission.

- Christinia M. (Student)

A+: Student Recommendation

“I took a ACT classroom with Victory Step in December of last year and would like to tell everyone that I am extremely satisfied with my results… Right now I have received several scholarships for academics and football including Rice and Baylor university!!

- Chris L. (Student)

FAQ: Classroom Course

Yes, all course materials are included in course fee. There are no additional materials to purchase and you will be provided with everything you need to effectively prepare for the SAT or ACT Exam. You will receive everything on the first day of exam or lecture. Our materials include:
- An official study guide with practice tests
- 10 Official Full-Length Practice Tests
- Homework Problems for each lesson
- A comprehensive curriculum book
- Detailed and Analytical score reports for each test.
Students are allowed to take the test at home and enter their answers online if they are unable to make it to one of our Saturday proctored tests. Students receive printed answer sheets with home testing instructions.
Since Victory Step is an awesome tutoring company, all you would need to bring is a pencil, calculator, and lots of dedication! We will get you results; we just need you to be ready!
Yes, all practice tests are official full-length ACT exams. They are exactly like the ACT you will be taking on the final day. They are designed to simulate the actual test taking experience.
Victory Step offers consecutive classroom programs on a different day or location. A student is allowed to miss one lecture, and can be made up with one-on-one tutoring. Please call us if you would like to make up a missed classroom lecture.
Victory Step is one of the only companies that records real data from all of its students. With innovative curriculum, intelligent instructors, and extraordinary teaching methodology, our SAT average score improvement is a remarkable 292 points! 3.8 points for the ACT!
Victory Step tutors are the gurus of SAT and ACT. They are graduates from top universities who have scored in the 98th percentile of the SAT and ACT. But they don't just have the intelligence, they have all undergone a rigorous screening, training, hiring, and development process that enables them to be true masters of the ACT and SAT. Our instructors and tutors are grad students and lawyers, scientists and writers; they all share a love of teaching and tutoring.
Yes. We teach essay building and how to write specifically towards the test to help students achieve their maximum essay score. Instructors introduce and teach our approach to the SAT/ACT essay in the Week 3 class. We then have our SAT/ACT Essay Writing Workshop in the Week 4 class. Students will be working on essays at home and in class, with their instructor and peers.
Victory Step’s hybrid program combines our classroom program with 4 hours of effective in-home one-on-one tutoring. Normally, 4 hours of tutoring cost $360. With the classroom, it would only cost $199 only! On average, a student can raise his/her score by 50 additional points (1 point on ACT) on top of the classroom average score improvement.
Our ACT course covers all of the question types and provides students test take strategies and psychology. The ACT has the exact same type of questions as the PSAT, but is more evil and longer in length. Both tests are from the same test maker, The College Board. Our ACT course is a solid preparation for those seeking to apply for a National Merit Scholarship.
1. We only specialize in SAT/ACT/Academic Subjects.
2. Small and local enough to care about every student.
3. Affordable pricing with satisfaction guarantee.
4. World-class 98 percentile instructors who have personalities!
Victory Step is one of the only companies in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston with a class size of 10 students (yes, we care about our students!). As soon as we get the 10th student, our classrooms go “out of stock��?. And, to be honest, our awesome classes get filled up quickly (no surprise). For that reason, we recommend that you sign up as soon as you can!
Average class size is 8- 10 students. Isn’t that awesome?! We want our students to get the attention they deserve.
Students can join our classroom or hybrid course if they have missed one lecture. We make the missed classroom session with one-on-one tutoring.
The ACT is analytical whereas the ACT is more curriculum based. The ACT tests you on vocabulary, and the ACT tests you on science-based reading passages. The ACT has tricky less-advanced Math questions, but the ACT has straight-forward more advanced Math questions.
Our instructors are mentors who care about you as a student. They are passionate about teaching. On the very first day, your instructor will provide you with his/her email and phone number. They get excited if you reach out to them to ask questions. So, to answer the question, they will be available before or after class. You can always call or email them to ask SAT, ACT, college related questions, etc.
Some students come to class on their own free-will, while others do because their parents have asked them to attend. The ACT is the single most important test you will take in high school. Your score on this test can determine many life outcomes, and you might not be fully aware of all of the ramifications of your test score. Our ACT class is for serious students who want to improve. Our classes are fun yet challenging. Its simple: take your preparation seriously, exhibit a positive attitude in class, participate fully, complete all of your homework assignments and work hard — you will be successful! Our instructors are easy-going and do their best to make the ACT class entertaining and interesting. Please come to class prepared to learn.

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