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By  Victory Step Education Team

Published on  January 22, 2015

Part of our mission at Victory Step is to get students excited about going to college. University life encompasses some of the most important years of a young adult’s life, and it’s crucial that individuals make the right choice as to where to spend these four years. The friendships and opportunities I found while attending college have already improved me and helped me grow as a person. The classmates I met in classes and in the dorms have transformed into some of the most important relationships in my life, and my friends continue to support me, build me up, and love me even now in our post-graduate life. My classes gave me more than just knowledge of how to run a business and lead a team; they also taught me a new perspective of the world around me, and challenged me to build my integrity and be disciplined even when nobody was watching. My professors mentored me, answering my late night emails and always acting excited to help me explore a new avenue of interest. Four years, and my environment helped lead me from a shy, quiet teenaged girl into a confident, proactive young woman.

While you consider what school to pick to be the environment you are shaped in, I hope you will look at my alma mater, the University of Houston. We have the number two ranked school of hotel and restaurant management, The Conrad N. Hilton College; the number one ranked entrepreneurship program in the nation, The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship; and over 300 degree programs total. There are strong academics for any student looking for a challenge and a chance to get a good career.

The University of Houston boasts a world class Honor’s College. While I was in attendance there I was able to study under some amazing political science professors, including Dr. Granato and Dr. Laveaux. Both of these professors were incredibly intelligent and always willing to stay a few minutes after class to discuss whatever was on my mind and explain anything I was sticking on. Every professor in the Honor’s College is well-versed in their topics and willing to be a mentor to any student who always wants to know just a little bit more.

Scholarship opportunities at the University of Houston are amazing. With my high SAT and ACT scores, I was able to receive a full ride to attend college, and they ended up paying for most of my housing expenses as well. About 77% of students receive scholarships or grants to attend the University of Houston. There’s a lot of money available, and don’t forget to apply to major specific scholarships as well.

Let’s not discount campus life as a factor for choosing your college, either. We have a great football team, Go Coogs, and a beautiful new stadium that just opened up. New campus housing is going up all the time, meaning you don’t have to live in the 60 year old quadrangle (though it’s not so bad if you do – I miss you Taub 2!). There’s a plethora of student organizations and clubs to join, and we have one of the most diverse student bodies in America. No matter what you’re into, somebody else at UH is into it to!

I hope you’ll consider the University of Houston, but wherever you go, don’t forget that college is what you make of it. Always seek new opportunities, and leave yourself open to all the new friendships that college can bring. This is your opening unto adulthood!

By: Catherine Martin

Victory Step Education Team

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