The GRE and GMAT: Invest in Your Future Now

By  Layton Funk

Published on  May 23, 2019

If you’re looking to go to graduate school, you pretty much have to take the GRE (Graduate Records Examinations) or the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Either one will set the stage for your post-college education and allow you to get the jump start needed to begin college in a strong way. What I mean is that they are the graduate school equivalent to the SAT or ACT. Both are used as part of admissions for graduate school programs with the big difference being that the GMAT is used specifically for business school while the GRE can be used for a plethora of programs as well as business school. They are testing similar material and skills of the test taker, but the GMAT is obviously geared towards business related ideas and abilities. Here I will give a general overview of why they’re important and how we can help you!

Why They’re Important

The GRE or GMAT gives graduate schools and programs an estimate of your verbal reasoning, analytical writing, critical quantitative thinking, and well of advanced knowledge. The GRE is used by numerous graduate programs including master’s and doctoral degrees in various universities. The GMAT has the sole purpose of admissions in graduate management programs in business schools. Obviously, if you’re not going to business school then you won’t need to make a choice other than whether to take the GRE or not. As important as they are, these tests alone are not the only factors needed to get into graduate school: letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, and GPA are also key, just to name a few. All those things require time, dedication, and work put into them if you’re aiming for higher education and, therefore, a higher paying job. It follows that preparing for and taking these graduate entry exams require time, dedication, and work, too.

Your Goal

However, knowing which exam the university or program you’re wanting to get into is actually very easy as they will just tell you upfront nearly every time. Different majors want one or the other and almost always indicate which they prefer you take. So, the choice of which one to take and whether you should take it or not is made for you once you have decided on your path. Getting a good score on either exam is always a good thing, but the weight of your score will vary considerably from department to department and from school to school. For example, engineering programs are often  more lenient in their consideration of your GRE or GMAT score, while most economics programs and business schools require a very high score. Your goal is up to you to determine, especially based on the school or program you have chosen. What is also up to you is preparing for the exam with one of the best tutoring companies in Texas, California, Seattle, and Northern Virginia: Victory Step Education (bonus points if you guessed I would say that).

How We Can Help

We here at Victory Step Education strive to give you the very best tutoring service possible with only the very best instructors we can find. They are screened, interviewed, and trained more than thoroughly while being highly paid but still available at an affordable rate. We offer GRE and GMAT prep to students in a one-on-one setting in which the sessions and curriculum are personalized plans aimed towards the student’s comfort, ability, and goal in mind. The instructor efficiently covers special test-taking techniques, fundamentals, and advanced content. These are all paramount to not only mastering the basics but excelling where you once were lacking in surefire confidence in order to score as high as possible. Study habit tips, intensive and customized homework, and numerous practice exams are also a part of our top of the line tutoring. Convenience and flexibility are also key features of Victory Step’s approach, in that we work around your schedule and location preference. All in all, you get the most effective and valuable tutoring when and where you want it so you can get ahead of the game and be well on your way to your post-college education in stride.


Down below are links to free and paid practice material for each of GRE, GMAT, and DAT!

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