Eron Raines

University of Memphis Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology, Anthropology University of Florida Major: Biogeochemistry Certificate: Geospatial Analysis

- Test Prep (SAT, ACT, GRE) - Arithmetic - Algebra 1 and 2 - Geometry - Trigonometry - Pre-calculus - Calculus/Analytic Geometry - Number Theory - Proofs - Linear Algebra - Probability - Statistics (Bayesian and Frequentist) - Decision Theory - Geostatistics - General Biology - Ornithology - Herpetology - Ecology - Botany - Vertebrate Zoology - Cell Biology - Astrobiology - Theoretical Biology - General Chemistry - Biochemistry - Organic Chemistry - Biogeochemistry - Geochemistry (Aqueous and Non-aqueous) - Cosmochemistry - General Physics - Statistical Physics - Geophysics - Genetics - Geology - Paleontology - Geomorphology - College readiness - Scholarship/College applications - R/Python programming - Essay Writing Vocabulary

About the Instructor
I graduated high school a year early with several hours of college credit already accrued. As an undergraduate, I was awarded 4 scholarships, 6 research grants, 4 internships (2 paid), elected West Tennessee Science Ambassador, and awarded top departmental honors. In my free time, I tutored elementary, high school, and college students in mathematics and the sciences. I also mentored high school students interested in going to college, taught ACT/SAT prep, was actively involved in public outreach of the sciences, and did work with at-risk youth. Before graduating with a BS, I was offered a full PhD fellowship at the University of Florida studying biogeochemistry. As a PhD student, I co-taught undergraduate and graduate level courses, mentored undergraduates through an internship program I developed, did educational science outreach to elementary schools, judged several science fairs, and was elected to serve on an international committee promoting the sciences with the Society for Exploration Geophysicists. I eventually decided that biogeochemistry did not hold my interest so I left with an MS to move to Dallas with my fiancé who had been hired here by an excellent landscape architecture firm.

Since moving to Dallas in September, I have become employed by three tutoring companies working with elementary students all the way up to the college level. I very much enjoy tutoring and helping people understand ideas that are giving them a hard time. My father is a psychologist and a professor who I attribute my academic interests to as well as my interest in helping people with ideas they are struggling with. Eventually, I will seek a PhD and teach at the graduate level, but for now, I am enjoying Dallas, life with the fiancé, and my work as a tutor. For fun, I read; preferably, in a hammock with a snack. Typically, I read popular science/math, political theory, and the occasional novel or book of poetry. I play 10 musical instruments, cook dinner with my fiancé, practice yoga, and take long walks to stay centered. I am a very calm, healthy, patient, and collected person and will bring this demeanor to every session. I am highly dedicated to helping my students succeed.

Favorite Joke
What do you call a slow Jamaican? Pokémon! What do you call a slow Jamaican who dances? Hoke-Pokémon!

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