SAT Essay Tips: 8 Ways to Improve Your Score

By  Victory Step Education Team

Published on  April 2, 2019

The SAT examination is a quick test of intelligence in both creativity and legibility, and therefore requires specific skills to acquire the 6/6/6 points guaranteed. The process begins from having an adequate understanding of what challenge the candidate is posed with, in understanding the author and intelligently writing an essay that analytically provides a solution. Otherwise, if care is not taken, the allotted time will pass like a flash.

The following are with most important tested tips that can enable you to meet your target and beat the reach;

  1. Give Clarity: In the absence of clarity, you throw the examiner into more confusion, and that automatically means marking down. Make a “precise central claim,” that gives an explicit argument from the main idea you identify in the passage
  2. Start with Introduction, end with a Conclusion: do not be tempted to think examiners with a figure that out. Introduce every good point from the whole theme and round off your points constructively.
  3. Every Word Counts: value every single word you use and carefully choose them. Also, ensure that the words tally with the exact idea you are trying to communicate in the expected writing style.
  4. Be Relevant: don’t just write from your head, correspond in relevance to what is expected. The lesser the guesswork gave to the examiner, the better the final Be direct in your approach and avoid too many digressions, if at all.
  5. Always digest the Prompt before the passage: an encoded secret to the reading is inside the prompt before the journey, so that is your first chance of catching the author’s viewpoint. This method is also your most potent tool for keeping your essay in check, to remain on point.
  6. The accuracy of Facts: make sure that every fact you state in your essay is accurate, especially discoveries and statistics. If you are unsure, it is better not to use it and find another.
  7. Be Objective: when reading the passage before writing your argument, it is not the time to make any judgment or reveal your disposition yet. What is expected of you is objectivity because it gives an unbiased clarity.
  8. Essay length: finally, please write more than one page. If you have up to four pages of writing paper for your response, then it gives an impression of knowing what you are doing, if you manage to write at least two pages.

Did I mention that there is absolutely no room for grammatical errors? You should already know that. I wish you good luck!

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