ACT Online Boot Camp with Perfect Scorer

By  Dakota R

Published on  May 17, 2018

Victory Step Education is excited to announce our online boot camp for the ACT! This incredible opportunity is presented at the low price of $99 and offers students three hours of premiere ACT tutoring from Victory Step founder and CEO Varun.

This class will offer comprehensive coverage of all four sections of the ACT: English, math, reading and science. English and math will each receive approximately 60 minutes of coverage while the remaining hour will be divided between reading and science. Students will be taught the main concepts that are important to each test section as well as test-taking strategies and approaches, common pitfalls, and general structure of the ACT.

For the English section, this class will cover all main concepts, including punctuation, subject-verb agreement, parallel structure, and transitions, as well as common question types relating to style and logical order, including sentence placement, addition and deletion, redundancy, and clarity. Students will also learn common pitfalls for this section and strategies for recognizing what concepts they are being tested over. Process of elimination will be stressed here, as it is crucial to eliminate answer choices that break the rules of standard written English.

The math segment will discuss concepts and formulas students need to know for the mathematics section of the ACT. Common topics on the math section include basic algebra, systems of equations, linear functions, quadratic functions, geometry, polynomials, probability, central tendency, unit conversion, and complex numbers, among many others. Students will be taught ways to utilize the calculator to increase their speed and ways to discern what each question is asking them to do.

The course will also cover the most important concepts for reading and science. For reading, the course will focus on questions concerning words in context, main purpose, author’s reasoning, implied meaning, and general reading comprehension, while the science segment will place emphasis on interpreting tables, graphs, and figures and comparing multiple scientific viewpoints.

This course will be tremendously beneficial for students looking for a comprehensive review of information they know or for students who need help narrowing down what to focus on to maximize their score on the ACT. Focus will be placed on those concepts and strategies that have been shown to maximize students’ chances of getting as many questions correct as possible on the real test.

The boot camp will be presented by our founder and CEO, Varun. He has an immense amount of experience with the ACT and has scored a perfect 36 on the test. He will be utilizing our proven curriculum and strategies to ensure students have the best information at their fingertips. With this online course, students can alleviate any concerns they have in the last few days before the ACT.

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