New Deals For Our New Location!

Great news, everyone! On April 1st, we are establishing our new HQ at 5068 W Plano Parkway, Suite 238 in Plano, TX! This great new center will be considerably closer to our students and will be our most accommodating center yet. To welcome everyone to our happy new home, we’re going to offer a special admission price of $399 for upcoming SAT and ACT classes based at our new location! Go ahead and check out our currently listed SAT and ACT classes to save a spot and lock in your discount today!

Instructors as Investigators

Whoever penned the phrase “Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach” probably wasn’t a very good student. Don’t misunderstand– being a good student has nothing to do with how quickly you learn material. Being a good student is about how one works with the knowledge presented to them. A good student pushes their teachers with thoughtful questions and new observations about material that others accept at face value. Continue Reading “Instructors as Investigators”

Don’t Underestimate Your Own Writing

Students are often their own worst enemies. A lack of confidence in their own writing can lead to sloppy essays- or worse, dishonest writing. When a piece looks overly doctored by a parent or guardian, a trained eye can spot the influence immediately (and not in a good way). So in the hopes of reaching any student who feels they might not have what it takes to craft the heart of their essay on their own, I have a few reasons that your essay might be perfectly appealing from your own point of view.

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Practicing Empathy for the Teenage Brain

If you look at the most effective, talented teachers, I imagine many strong, compassionate qualities come to mind. I also imagine that descriptions like “impatient”, “dismissive”, and “close-minded” are the opposite of what you might imagine defining a great mentor. So then, when faced with a classroom of young people going through the strangest, most turbulent times of their lives, how do teachers find the patience they need to do their jobs well?

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Vocabulary Memorization Mistakes You’re Probably Making

In high school, I remember dreading vocabulary tests. I put so much preparation into each exam, gritting my teeth and chugging coffee as I plowed through flashcards. Memorization felt like even more of an endless grind as standardized tests crept onto the horizon. I remember being miserable at the time, but it truthfully wasn’t necessary. Fortunately, I’ve studied a lot about the art of memorization since high school. Thus, I’m familiar with the types of mistakes we’re ALL making when it comes to studying vocabulary.

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The Right Type of Motivation

A lot of people are paid a lot of good money to motivate others. While I always found some of the most popular motivational speakers to be a little corny for my own needs, my graduate studies taught me a lot about the psychology of motivation and have helped me understand what a critical role it plays in education. Surprisingly, everyone can be motivated in two different ways– but these ways are not equally effective.
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Retrospective New Years Resolutions

The year 2017 is here! By now, you’re through with your first semester or trimester of college, taking a well-deserved Christmas break. I obviously don’t know what the remainder of your first year of college will be like, so it would be rather misguided of me to make a set of resolutions for you. However, I can tell you what I would tell myself if I could go back to that first year of college. Continue Reading “Retrospective New Years Resolutions”

Books For Your Impending Life Crisis

High school students are likely to stress about some pretty big stuff. Even aside from classes and romance, as graduation and college prep approaches, there is one big question that tends to give you the chills like a bad flu: where is your life going to take you from here? It is such a wide-spread anxiety, and yet, not everyone thinks to look around for guides or solutions. Here are some books that I wish I had considered when I was still in high-school. As a bonus, try to read them in order as you begin a journey to destress and focus on the big stuff in life in a more productive way.

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